#NoShopFeb: First Update

Somehow, I've survived an entire week of #NoShopFeb. I haven't taken my credit/ debit card out of my wallet for anything besides the necessities (basically gas and groceries and Fresh Monkee). THIS IS A VERY BIG DEAL. I got home from a workshop on Saturday afternoon and ended up going to Target. This normally would … Continue reading #NoShopFeb: First Update


Today is the first day of February which means #NoShopFeb has begun. Most of you have no idea what I'm talking about about so before I jump into this post, let me explain the basics. #NoShopFeb is a month-long project that myself and over 20 other bloggers are working on. During this month we are … Continue reading #NoShopFeb

Veterans Interview with Jordan Wacker

Now that I've presented my Veteran Interview to my Visual Communication class, I wanted to share it online. So incredibly grateful to Jordan Wacker for letting me interview him for this project, especially when I asked him at the absolute last minute (aka at a bar on Thanksgiving Eve 🙄). My favorite parts from the … Continue reading Veterans Interview with Jordan Wacker

Why Local Elections Matter 

Besides my birthday, Election Day is the best day of the year. I’d honestly be amazed to meet someone who feels the same way as I do about this. I couldn’t even tell you what first sparked my love for this day.  I remember registering to vote almost immediately after turning 18. I remember the … Continue reading Why Local Elections Matter