Living the Dream (Job)

From teacher to pediatrician to a public relations specialist, my dream job has changed many times since the question of “what do you want to be when you grow up” was first asked in preschool. Early in college, I said that a 9-5 desk job would be out of the question for whatever career I would spend my adult years in.

Today, I am a Revenue Clerk for the Town of Berlin’s Revenue Collection office. So much for not ever having that 9-5 desk job I thought I would dread so much.

I love telling people that I want to be a Tax Collector. Most people think I am absolutely crazy when I talk about how much I love this job- and I don’t blame them! Who likes collecting taxes that much? Apparently the answer is me.

The job that was supposed to only get me through my early college years has become the future career I cannot wait to finally start. Like anything, I am taking some baby steps to get to that point.

Step 1: Learn the basics. Even though there isn’t anything basic about tax collecting, I had to start somewhere. Between different state statutes, computer programs, billing cycles, and auditing, there is a lot to learn.

Great coworkers are a must. They are and will always be the ones to teach me and help me fix the inevitable mistakes I am guaranteed to make.

file_000Step 2: Through the Connecticut Tax Collector’s Association, I am currently working on becoming a Certified Connecticut Municipal Collector (CCMC). I cannot imagine I would willingly take four certification classes and a final comprehensive exam if I was not in this field for the long haul.

With CCMC I completed and CCMC II set to begin at the end of March, I hope to be fully certified in June 2018. Not bad for someone who will only have been in the profession for two years at that point.

Step 3: Keep asking questions. There is no such thing as knowing everything, especially in this office. Whether we ask each other, or collectors from other towns, everyday turns into a new learning experience.

Most people would think talking to yourself would be strange, but we seem to encourage it in our office. Whether it’s asking yourself a question to figure out what you’re doing or talking yourself through a process, there’s always some type of chatter in the office.

Everyday at work, a customer or coworker will ask me how I am doing today. More often than not, my answer seems to always be “living the dream.” Normally that would be a sarcastic answer but you know what? For me, it isn’t.

The dream for me has always been to work somewhere that I genuinely like spending 8-10 hours of my day. It has to be something that I feel my time will be well spent and somewhere that my coworkers make me feel like I am more than just another employee. And more than anything, it always has to be something where I am always learning something new.

Somehow, that dream is on it’s way to becoming the reality I’ve been looking for in a career. I love that I’m living the dream.

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