RECAP: Berlin High School’s Upbeat March Weekend

From Friday, March 10 to Sunday, March 12, peer leaders from the Berlin High School Upbeat Program were at YMCA Camp Woodstock for an advanced training weekend. What made it advanced? They were hand selected to learn about public speaking and presentation skills from a handful of members in the community.

Keep reading below to see what I live- tweeted throughout the weekend!

As a student member of the Upbeat program from 2008-2011, sing-a-longs were a must on the bus rides to and from camp!


While the Juniors were in the boat house for training, underclassmen had down time to play a team building game.


Upbeat Director, Jack Rudy, captured this beautiful picture of the view we get to enjoy while in Woodstock.


Bottled water may not seem like a big deal at home, but it’s the most important thing to pack when we come up to camp.


Ed Courchaine was a 2010 BHS grad and now comes back to Camp Woodstock every March to teach our students about public speaking and presentation skills.


We love Secret Pals at Camp, it’s a great way to take a break from training and even make new friends!


We normally wake the kids up at 6:30 so that they’re ready for breakfast at 7:30. Things were a bit different this year, some  adults found the students awake before 6:00 am to watch the sunrise on the lake, and a promposal!


This is the perfect time of year for Juniors to start deciding what kind of role they want to play in the Upbeat program as seniors.


BHS Principal Fran Kennedy came up to Camp on Sunday morning to critique the students on their lesson plan presentations. This is when they take the skills they learned and put them into practice!


It was a very eventful weekend, and we cannot wait to be back for our training in May!

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