Getting to know Brandon Puritt


Brandon Puritt CCSU

Brandon Puritt, CCSU #95 defensive line
Brandon Puritt is not your average residential college sophomore. The soon to be 20 year old student has most recently completed his second season playing defensive line for Central Connecticut State University’s football program.

After four years of playing football for Greece Athena High School in his hometown of Rochester, N.Y., Puritt was offered a scholarship to come play for CCSU starting in the fall of 2015. This offer came after being named Defensive Player of the Year, an award he says he is still proud of today.

With football being such a major part of his life right now, he says his favorite stand out moment from his time so far at Central would have to be playing his first season as a college student. But that does not mean Puritt’s only interest is in football!

He says he also enjoys listening to and playing music. Puritt has been playing the drums for three years now. When he gets to go home to Rochester twice a year, he attends church every Sunday during the duration of his visit, and gets to play for everyone there.

Because of his busy training and practice schedule, trips back home are only for a month in the winter for the holidays, and for one month over summer vacation. This makes time with family very valuable. Puritt is the youngest of four children. He has two older sisters, 29 and 26, and an older brother who is 28.

With the obvious age gap between him and his older siblings, he knows he was the spoiled younger child and loves it.

Brandon Puritt hs
Named All State player in 2015
As Puritt reflected on his time in high school, he admits he was not the best student. “Do not procrastinate, and do your homework,” is what he wishes he could tell his 15 year old self.

With that being said, he knows that his work ethic is important. At first, Puritt wanted to go into the business field after completing his degree. But after rethinking that plan, he is now a Communication major with a minor in business. Since he has an interest in media studies, it could be possible for him to end up in a related field in a a few years after he graduates.

Through it all, this ambitious student athlete really knows how to stick to a schedule. The average day for Puritt begins when he wakes up at 6:00 a.m., followed by breakfast, possibly some meetings, and then football practice. Afterwards, he goes to class, a mandatory study hall, lifting, and probably class again.

But by 3:00, he is already done for the day.

With so much going on in the span of only seven hours, sleep is very important for Puritt. The only downside is that it makes participating in on campus groups and activities more difficult

Though Puritt is not actively trying to play football professionally, he says “if the opportunity presents itself, it will be something to consider.”

Who knows what is in store for this student athlete!

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