24 Lessons I’ve learned in 24 Years

Since reading this post on Nineteen Chickens about getting into the habit of making Monday’s a better day, I’ve truly been working on not looking at the beginning of the week so negatively! And how can I not be positive, today of all days? 


There really isn’t anything special about turning 24, but this is the year that I finally graduate from college and bought myself a car. Yay for being an actual adult! 

Today I want to share 24 things I’ve learned in the last 24 years of my lovely existence. Nothing crazy, just things that seem to have helped me out and will hopefully help you too! 

  1. You must face setbacks in order to move forward. 
  2. It’s okay to ask for help (especially from your parents). 
  3. Don’t take life too seriously. 
  4. You are always learning. 
  5. Saying no is okay. 
  6. New perspectives come from changing your surroundings. 
  7. Naps are not just for young children. 
  8. Always stand up for yourself. 
  9. Honesty is key. 
  10. Listen first. Think second. Speak third. 
  11. Enjoy the quiet moments. 
  12. Let the world affect you. 
  13. Live in the moment rather than constantly trying to plan the future. 
  14. It’s okay not to know things. Refer to #4. 
  15. Self-pity doesn’t get you very far. 
  16. Overcome your fears. 
  17. Be better, not bitter. 
  18. You can never know what it’s like to be someone else. 
  19. Always look your best. 
  20. Don’t forget to just take a deep breath. 
  21. Unplugging for a few hours is amazing and important. 
  22. Never underestimate the power of a good cup of coffee. 
  23. We’re all just human. 
  24. Love yourself. 

I’m going to get back to celebrating my day today, but I hope at least one of these lessons is helpful to someone! 

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