I’m Back (to School)! 

It’s been quite some time since I’ve last posted (3 months exactly)! Between the chaos of tax collection season, my summer classes, and trying to enjoy what little free time I had left, any chance I had to write clearly escaped me.

But no worries, because I’m finally back! Since there’s only one week left until my (LAST) first day of classes, here’s my top 5 favorite things about back to school time:

SCHOOL SUPPLIES!!!: Year after year, I’ve tried to avoid the school supplies section at every store I go to but fail every single time. More often than not, I walk out with something, completely convinced I need it when it’s painfully obvious I don’t. I’m talking multiple notebooks and folders, too many pens to count, two agendas, one wall calendar, and who knows what other random things that will find their way into my backpack between now and next week. You’d think after doing this back-to-school thing as many times as I have, I’d have a full stock of school supplies but there’s no such thing as too many pens, folders, and notebooks. No. Such. Thing.

Fall TV shows: Procrastination is practically my middle name (maybe that’s why it’s taken me so long to finish my B.A.?) so Fall season premiers are the best way to take a break from school stress! My favorites include NCIS and basically anything from Shondaland (hello Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away With Murder).

Structure: Saying “Sorry, I can’t go out, I have a paper to write” is apparently more socially acceptable than “Sorry, I’m a grandma who doesn’t enjoy leaving my house after 8:00 pm regardless of what day of the week it is.” I love that from now until December 14th, I have a set schedule that won’t change. It makes it easier to know when I have to wake up, how late I can stay up without running the risk of sleeping through my 20 (yes, it’s actually 20) alarm clocks, and when life will just be busier because of work and assignments.

Energy on campus: Maybe it’s the excited freshmen rubbing off on everyone else but the first couple of weeks of school are filled with energy that you definitely won’t find in November/ December. Everyone is catching up with each other, we’re still well rested from summer vacation, and our classes haven’t had time to drain the life and soul out of us quite yet :)))

Closer to the end: Six classes, seventeen credits, and fifteen weeks. Whatever way you put it, this is finally my last semester of college and I really couldn’t be more excited. I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been counting down to the last day of final exams and graduation for at least a year now. In case anyone was wondering, 114 days until my last final and 270 until I get to walk across the stage at the XL Center.


Mini vacations: In 2015, I went on a week long trip to Nashville during the first month of school. Apparently I decided that making it through the first four weeks of school called for a vacation. Since then, I’ve gone away somewhere for Labor Day Weekend. To celebrate surviving my last first week of classes, I’m going back to Nashville! Basically I’m rewarding myself before I’ve done anything to really deserve it. I’ll call it a pre-ward.


That seems to be it for now, so I guess I’ll go back to counting down the days until it all starts again!

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