First Day of School Thoughts

I survived my first day of classes! All eight hours of it! It’s probably just me that finds this whole thing as funny as I do, but here’s every thought that ran through my head when I obviously wasn’t paying attention during classes today: 

Getting to school

  • Getting out of the car: is it too late to go back home? 
  • Walking out of parking garage/ towards RVAC: this weather is a perfect reflection of my thoughts on being here–> holding it together but potential breakdown on the horizon 

First class, Fundamentals of Management and Organizational Behavior

  • Walking into class: why is everyone here 20 minutes early for an 8:00 class, and why are they staring at me like I just killed someone? 
  • Class starts: this is the first professor in at least 3 years that actually dedicated the first class to reviewing the syllabus and then letting us leave??? 
  • Finding out there’s a group project: WHY? Why does this professor hate us? 
  • Checked time: it’s ONLY 8:15?! 
  • Finding out the professor has furlough days this semester: glad I don’t have class that week, annoyed with the State for making this an issue anyone has to even deal with 🙄
  • Class was dismissed at 8:30: you mean I raced down Route 9 traffic, got stuck behind first time commuters looking for Welte, sped walked to RVAC, and listened to you review a syllabus I read through at least 10 times in the last week, ALL FOR YOU TO MAKE ME LEAVE 30 MINUTES LATER? Goodbye. 

Waiting for second class

  • Walking out of first class: okay but where do I go for the next 45 minutes when it’s cold and cloudy outside?? 
  • Going back to RVAC basement for class #2: can’t believe I’m stuck down here for 3 out of my 5 classes EVERY DAY 😩
  • Still waiting for class #2: looking inside my purse and realizing I could potentially feed an entire class with all of the snacks I brought #notmad

Second class, Visual Communication

  • 9:01: I quit, I’m going into class 24 minutes early. 
  • Finally walked in: Why did I sit down and magically find five other people sitting here with me?  
  • Professor starts a minute early: the only reason I’m not annoyed with her enthusiasm this early in the morning (and even semester) is because she’s adorable 
  • Makes us move desks into a circle: again, why are we in the basement? This wouldn’t be an issue if the classroom was bigger than a storage closet. 
  • Doing awkward ice breaker: why are we basically playing spin the bottle to decide who has to introduce themselves to the class next? WHY CAN’T WE JUST GO IN ORDER? 
  • 7 minutes left of class: okay so why did we just spend an hour and 15 minutes introducing 23 people to each other? 
  • Just as class is ending: wait, did she just say we’re taking a field trip to a museum in 3 weeks? A FIELD TRIP? IN COLLEGE? I cannot do this. 

Going to third class, Introduction to Planning

  • Running to SSH: Holy crap there are so many people on campus right now, FRESHMEN GET OUT OF MY WAY I HAVE LESS THAN 10 MINUTES TO GET TO SSH
  • Sitting in class: am I the only person that knows what Planning is? Wtf are you all doing here? 
  • Syllabus review: If he makes a Parks & Rec joke, I’m walking out. 
  • Class dismissed 45 minutes early: good job Tim, very happy with you right now. 

Sitting in the library

  • Awkwardly waiting in the library: this place is really loud for a LIBRARY. 
  • 11:36: Should be eating lunch right now, but that would make too much sense so I’ll just continue to starve myself and then regret the decision later 
  • 11:40: Shimoli is incapable of being a person and can’t log onto the wifi
  • 11:42: Why am I running back to SSH from the Library to actually help her right now?
  • 11:46: I typed in her username and password and got on the wifi. Why is my sister an idiot? 

Fourth class, Psychology of Community Service

  • Got to PSY 250: why am I always the only person sitting in the front row? 
  • Going over the syllabus: another class with a field trip? REALLY? NO. 
  • Still going over syllabus: How can I make it seem like I’ve never volunteered with Upbeat before so that I can use that as my community service group?
  • End of class: Managed to get out of the field trip #BLESSED

Fifth and last class, Health Communication

  • Running to next class: why is everyone walking so damn slowly? 
  • Get to class: since my professor is Indian, what are the chances class can be cancelled on Diwali? 
  • Dr. Kumar asks question regarding health insurance: I don’t know but I can ask my mom lol
  • “I won’t keep you for the full 3 hours today” THANK YOU DR KUMAR ILY YOU ARE AMAZING 
  • Going over COMM 452 syllabus: if I have to hear or read the Academic Dishonesty & Misconduct statement one more time, I’ll lose my mind. 
  • Dr. Kumar explaining why her phone might go off, shows us a picture of her son and says “we only have a few more good years left so I can’t ignore him just yet”: This woman is life goals lmfao 
  • Watching a cheesy Anti- Drug commercial from the 80’s/ 90’s: I was probably negative five years old when this came out. Zero relevance right now. 

Leaving school

  • Walking out of RVAC: One day of classes down, only 29 more to go.
  • Walking past Memorial: High key regretting skipping the chance I had to eat 2 hours ago
  • Approaching SSH: It’s so obvious who’s a freshmen and who’s ready to get the hell out of here 
  • Pulling out of parking garage: does surviving today help me complete all graduation requirements and exempt me from showing up for the rest of the semester? No? K, guess I’ll be back on Thursday. 

If nothing else, I’ll look at this everytime I get stressed this semester and just need to laugh! 

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