My Reverse Bucket List

Being in your 20’s is weird. Everyone is at different stages in life. Some are still in school (me), some are working on their careers, or even starting families. Whatever it may be, it’s easy to compare yourself to those around you and question what you’re really doing with your life.

You’ve heard of a bucket list. You’ll say at some point in your life, “before I die, I want to visit a country, eat some weird food, do something crazy, buy something expensive, etc”

We’ve heard and probably said it all.

But why focus so much on what you want to do before you die? Everyday, you accomplish something whether it’s simply waking up and tending to your daily responsibilities or something bigger and more monumental.

Accomplishments are something to be acknowledged and even celebrated, hence my reverse bucket list. Instead of listing everything I want to do before I die, here are some things I’m proud of that I’ve managed to do in my short 24 years of life:

Traveling more: When you compare me to my sisters who got to spend some time in Greece a few years ago, my travel list is minuscule. But I’ve always wanted to travel around America before I go abroad again. I’m so glad I’ve gotten to travel with friends, even if it’s for a quick 48 hour trip to Nashville!


Got a tattoo despite my (now nonexistent) fear of needles: Speaking of traveling, when I went to Nashville in October 2015, I finally bit the bullet and got a tattoo, something I’ve been wanting to do since I was 13. Not only that, it definitely helped me get over my fear of needles. Total win for me (minus my parents wanting to basically murder me when they found out)!



Unintentionally got my A.S. General Studies: I spent a year at Tunxis CC before finally going to CCSU, but while I was there, I guess I got my Associate’s! I was on a trip to D.C. during Labor Day Weekend 2016 and was walking around the George Washington University campus with my best friend and sister and got a call from Tunxis saying my diploma was available for pickup. It got me one step closer to my B.A. so works for me! 

Learned how to properly do my makeup: This may not seem like a big deal to most, but it’s huge for me. I was the kid that had her eyeshadow practically on her forehead, her lower lid eyeliner thick enough to make me resemble a raccoon, and the most bizarre shade of brown lipgloss. Not cute. Now I know how to properly apply everything so that I still look like a person!

Developed a possible addiction to coffee (thanks mom): I briefly mentioned in my coffee post how the coffee addiction started with mocha ice storms from Nordstrom at the age of 8. Sixteen years later and here we are. The bright side to this is that it gives me the chance to go to new places which is fun, who doesn’t like a weekend adventure?!

Stopped settling: Some days I’m better at this than others, but for the most part, I’ve gotten better at knowing what I want and not settling for anything less. With a lot of persistence, determination, and sometimes just being straight up stubborn, I know what will help me get to where I need to be and what would hold me abck.

Guaranteed there is be more I could have added to this list, and maybe in the future I will do just that. But for now, these are the accomplishments I want to celebrate. Now I encourage everyone to create their own reverse bucket list and share them!

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