New Year, Same You

We have officially survived the first two weeks of 2018, happy new year friends! Since Christmas, I have had exactly one full week of work. Even this week is a short one for me! #BLESD

Back to what this post is about. As you can see, the title of this is not “new year, new me.” It does in fact say “new year,same you.” I want to hit my head against a wall when I hear people running around saying “new year new me!!!!!!” Obviously this is me being over dramatic (some things will just never change with me), but you know what I mean.

I’m a firm believer that you should only be striving to be a better version of yourself rather than attempt to create an entirely new version! You’re already great the way you are, why try to disguise that with someone else?

It’s a new year and I get that you want to have a fresh start. Who’s to say you don’t deserve it? But rather than trying to act like you need to wipe the slate entirely clean, use your past to help improve your future. I’m not a life coach (honestly, just stop reading and imagine that for a second. NO THANKS.), but keeping a positive mindset seems like it’s more likely to help you build a healthier, happier, and stronger you.

This year, try to be more compassionate, kind, caring, and positively constructive with yourself. Be more self- aware, be kind to yourself, slow down and appreciate what’s happening around you.

There’s so many “changes” you can make, without changing who you are as a person. Instead, you’re just improving your current self. Make a promise to yourself that you’ll try to improve yourself all year, not just at the start of the new year.

5 thoughts on “New Year, Same You

  1. I’m a fan of anything that gets people to look at themselves and say ‘hmm can I be better?’ If that’s New Years then ok, but you just don’t need to wait. What are people waiting for? Decide what you want, then go out and execute


    1. Definitely agree, Zac! There is no need to have to wait for a certain time of year to make a change. I think that’s part of the reason resolutions are often not kept!


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