Today is the first day of February which means #NoShopFeb has begun. Most of you have no idea what I’m talking about about so before I jump into this post, let me explain the basics. #NoShopFeb is a month-long project that myself and over 20 other bloggers are working on. During this month we are all refraining from purchasing new clothes, accessories, shoes, beauty products (unless repurchasing a current product), eating out, and for me mostly buying coffee.

Now if you know me personally, this sounds probably impossible. At the very least, on this list, I’ll be amazing if I go single week without going out and buying myself an iced coffee before I go to work. It has become second nature to spend that $2.83 before I make it into my office only for the coffee to be gone within an hour. Do I really need it? Is that caffeine really keeping me awake? Hopefully over the next month I will be able to answer these questions, and instill better habits in my daily life.

In addition to refraining from spending extra money, I have two goals that I’d like to achieve by the end of the month. The first one is to go through my closet and to get rid of any clothing that I have not worn or do not plan to wear in the foreseeable future. The great thing about the group I’m working with for #NoShopFeb is how we all come from different backgrounds. One blogger suggested a group clothing donation to Saver’s since the majority of us are from New England. The best part about this mass donation is that Saver’s will donate $1 to the Epilepsy Foundation for every pound of clothes we give. I’m so looking forward to getting rid of the ~15 pounds of unworn clothes that I’ve had sitting in garbage bags in my room for the past year!

The second goal I hope to achieve is to get a better understanding of personal finance. I treat my credit card like it is a bottomless gift card which is an issue since that’s obviously not the case. Because I won’t be out spending money, I want to use this free time to learn more about personal finances. More specifically, I want to learn how to take out a loan, how mortgages work, how to buy house, how different kinds of insurance work, etc. I am only months away from turning 25 years old, and I feel like I don’t know quite as much as I have always believed I would know by the time I hit my mid 20s. Now is as good a time as any to finally learn!

Below is the list of bloggers that I’m partnering with during #NoShopFeb. Stay tuned for updates here and on my Instagram to see how this project is going!

@achicvoyage, @afashionfix@alexbyersays@aline_aesthetic@amodestlife, @asequinedlife, @ashleyvbeine, @bluebootsgo, @champagne_thursday, @cmcinthecity, @d_mobley, @elizabethev, @emilyshell@gabbymbkei@gretski126, @iceberghaha, @jenfirshe, @klassicallykaytee, @kristinbassett, @kristylyons, @lyssmmm, @mystyletales, @natmazz, @nishatnguyen, @primandpropah@sarahblairwilson@sassyysaraa, @shaunagallagher, @sixfeetinheels, and @speedy2ac.

7 thoughts on “#NoShopFeb

  1. Good luck with your shopping ban this month! It’s always a challenge, though I often feel one month is never enough. It’s crazy how much we spend on stuff we really don’t need.


  2. Hi Sheel,

    I LOVE THIS!!!! I am actually working on my first book about something similar in terms of scaling down your closet to save money and become more lighter in terms of bad energy from too much stuff and spending too much money!
    Thanks for donating to the Epilepsy society as my husband is an epileptic and the research helps.
    I love your writing style and will keep looking for your posts.

    Cheers from Canada.


    1. It’s been so eyeopening to see all of these things I have that I never wear or use. I’ve loved the cleaning process, it’s been helping me learn to work with what I have rather than buying something new!


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