#NoShopFeb: First Update

Single eye shadows are a thing of the past for me, I only ever use these two palettes now!

Somehow, I’ve survived an entire week of #NoShopFeb. I haven’t taken my credit/ debit card out of my wallet for anything besides the necessities (basically gas and groceries and Fresh Monkee). THIS IS A VERY BIG DEAL.

I got home from a workshop on Saturday afternoon and ended up going to Target. This normally would be a horrible idea but it was a test of willpower. I was returning a bunch of things I’d bought before #NoShopFeb started. Happy to report I passed the test! I went in, returned everything, and walked out without looking at a single thing past the customer service counter. Who would’ve thought that was possible?!

ANYWAYS. I got back from Target and it was barely 4:00. I genuinely didn’t know what to do with the rest of my day. It occurred to me, either I really do shop a lot or I need a hobby. Probably both. I decided to continue rewatching Grey’s Anatomy (again) and clean out my makeup vanity.

I had products from my old Ipsy subscription, random Sephora & Ulta purchases, and my current monthly Sephora PLAY Box subscription (that I’m thinking of cancelling, but that’s another conversation). It’s not like I wear makeup everyday and really NEED 20 different lipsticks. I want them, but I certainly don’t need them.

My goal was simple: get rid of things that are old, empty, and unused. After that, I could organize everything again.

img_0216Step 1: Go section by section. I started with the drawer that (used to) house random skincare products, highlighters, foundation, and primers. I grouped it all by product type, just so I could see if there were duplicates, what was empty, old, etc. Though I didn’t throw any of it out, I did realize these products were not meant to all be together. I then sorted through all of my lipsticks, eye products, and brushes.

img_0217Step 2: What’s staying and going? This was the funny part. I looked like I walked into a makeup explosion by the end of it. I tested every single lipstick I owned on my arm. Pink, red, blue, purple, maroon– you name it, I had it. Same rule from before: duplicate, old, empty and into the box it went. I got rid of at least 10 lipsticks I have had sitting there for a solid 5 years. Gross. The process applied to the eye products and brushes too!

img_0215Step 3: ORGANIZE. With fewer products to have to put away, reorganizing everything was easier than I thought it would be. Skin care products and primers went into the drawer– and they all fit perfectly! Eye and face brushes now sit nicely in a container together. Eye products are still grouped together in a container. Lipsticks lay nicely in the big container. And my setting sprays, foundations, and primers all sit in a container together.

To most people who don’t have an excessive amount of makeup products, this may seem ridiculous. But what I learned from the cleaning process is that it can be applied to anything I own– clothes, shoes, etc.

I was so happy to clean the vanity out that I ended up cleaning and reorganizing all of the supplies at work! I really hope this helps, and motivates you to start cleaning out the things you currently own!

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6 thoughts on “#NoShopFeb: First Update

    1. It was truly a miracle I didn’t buy anything 😂
      I found a MAC lipstick that I know for sure I never bought. No idea where it came from, or how it ended up in my vanity!


    1. I have to say, the one thing I liked more about Ipsy than PLAY is the cute monthly bags. They’re incredibly useful when I’m traveling, or even when I’m organizing at home. The PLAY ones aren’t as functional. Once every few months, I’ll get a product I absolutely love, but other than that, I’m pretty meh towards it!


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