CT Coffee Adventures!

Hi, I’m Sheel, and I’m low key addicted to caffeine. img_3930

We’re all very well aware of my straight up obsession with local coffee shops (especially looking at you, Silk City & Perkatory). If you’re not aware, please take a second to look at my Instagram and Facebook pages because that’ll give you a decent summary of the last few months of my life.

Back in early February, I compiled a list of every coffee shop I’d seen or heard about in CT through Instagram. First of all, that’s no small feat because it turns out that we have more than just Dunkin and Starbucks here- I know, SHOCKING!!! For every place on the list I’ve gone to, I’d take a picture of what I got and share it on Instagram, but also make a note on the list so that I could remember what I’ve tried. Side note: Sarina once caught me taking a picture at Heirloom Market one morning and I obviously have to share because look at how angry I look in that first picture?? The end result was worth it though!

The Instagram account kind of just grew from there. Turns out, there are a bunch of people who also love adventuring to different coffee shops all over CT, and documenting it through Instagram! 10/10 recommend checking out all of their accounts because they’re the ones that I always pull ideas from when it comes to new shops to visit and different drinks to try. All 9 accounts are linked below 🙂











So, back to the main reason behind this post! I’ve had this idea in my head that I wanted to create a map of CT that marks every shop on my list (which has now grown to over 60 shops). Sometimes looking at a spreadsheet makes it hard to decide where I should go, but looking at a map might make it easier to plan out visits better? Does that make any sense? Probably not, but oh well.

After doing a bit of research on the best way to create that custom map, I went to everyone’s favorite internet friend, Google, and found my solution: a custom, interactive, Google Map! I’m so, so excited because it really was the easiest thing to make and it’s something I’ll be able to update whenever I want to add new coffee shops.

Here’s how it works: I’ve taken my spreadsheet and marked every single coffee shop on this map with a blue mug icon. You can click on any of the mugs and it’ll provide information on the shop from Google (cross reference with the shops actual website for accuracy). For the shops I’ve been to, I’m slowly adding my own pictures of what I’ve gotten so that there’s always a recommendation of what you can try.

Hopefully it’s useful to anyone when Starbucks & Dunkin just isn’t going to cut it! The map is also linked in the menu bar so you can easily get to it without always having to come back to this post!

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