IMG_4275.JPGSheel Patel is 24 years old, a senior at CCSU, and was raised and currently resides in central Connecticut.

Some basic things to know about her would be that she absolutely loves her job, tries to be very goal oriented, and believes life shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Most importantly, she lives by the fact
that coffee and ice cream are necessary for survival.

Following her graduation from Berlin High School in 2011, she started her freshman year of college at UCONN Greater Hartford. After spending five semesters there, she left to spend a year in an online program with Southern New Hampshire University. Most recently, she received her A.S. in General Studies from Tunxis Community College in 2016.

Sheel will complete her B.S. in Organizational Communication with a minor in Psychology in the Fall of 2017. With this degree, she hopes to get a full time job with her current employer, as well as use any new information she learns to better the world around her.

Since March 2012, she has worked for the Town of Berlin. For just over four years, Sheel was the Administrative Assistant to the Economic Development Director. In that time, she learned the basics of business growth and development, public relations between the town and it’s businesses, and so much more.

In May 2016, she had the opportunity to move from one end of Town Hall to the other and is now a Revenue Clerk in the Revenue Collector’s office. Lucky for her, the wonderful people she gets to work with make collecting taxes much more fun than it should be!

In less than a year, Sheel has begun the process of getting her C.C.M.C. (Certified Connecticut Municipal Collector) with the goal of taking the final exam in June 2018. What had started as a job that was going to just get her through college has turned into one that has helped her figure out what kind of career she wants.

Through The Chronicles of Sheel, she will share her journey through my final year of college, her professional growth in the workplace, and finding time to enjoy whatever life throws at her in between it all.

Thank you for following along!